About me

"There are two parts to learning craftsmanship: knowledge and work." - Robert C. Martin

I started my adventure with programming in 2017, when on the Facebook board I saw a movie clip encouraging to take part in the project przyszłyprogramista.pl.

Initially, I was skeptical about taking part in the project, due to lack of education in this field (I am after Chemical Technology at AGH). Going deeper into the subject, I learned that the project can be joined by people educated in a different direction than IT, because the course starts from scratch.I decided to take up the challenge and start learning programming.

My learning programming began with learning the C ++ structural language. Then I got to know the secrets of object-oriented programming in C ++ as well. In C ++, I created the following programs:

Then, based on the Java language, I learned about design patterns.

Next I went to learn web languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL, and I learned the SOLID principles. Familiarizing with web languages allowed me to write the first PersonalBudget application, allowing users to manage their finances.

The next step was to get familiar with the technique of creating websites in WordPress.

Recently, I also learned the secrets of Java, which allowed me to write a weather application “Holiday Weather Forecast”.

Then I learned the C # language, which among all the languages I learned so far, I liked the most. Therefore, the next step was to get acquainted with technologies based on a framework designed by Microsoft, namely ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET MVC5. Using the latter technology, I designed the school chemistry laboratory management application called “LabManager” .

My first step in IT was to participate in a .NET Academy summer internship organized by GlobalLogic Poland. During the internship, I expanded my knowledge of ASP.NET Core technology and became familiar with Xamarin technology that allows writing mobile applications using C# and XAML. During the internship, together with other participants I wrote a mobile and web application for a city game, I was dealing with teamwork in accordance with the assumptions of the SCRUM methodology. Currently I work in a company that organized an internship as a junior software engineer, where I create web applications using ASP.NET Core technology and the Angular platform.

Currently I’m still perfectly in programming, which makes me very happy and I hope that in the future I will be able to join the group of professional programmers.

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