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PersonalBudget Application
Do you have continuous financial problems? You do not know how much and what you spent? This app is just for you! Thanks to the PersonalBudget application you will be able to finally control your expenses. All you need to do is sign up for free and log in to your account. After logging into your account you will be able to add not only your expenses, but also income and make a balance for the selected period of time. You will also be able to share the individual expenses and income according to the categories available, and even create your own categories!
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Holiday Weather Forecast Application
The “Holiday Weather Forecast” weather app displays the current weather forecast for two selected locations. With this application you can also check the hourly weather for several next days. It also has a hint option that helps when choosing a location. The background of the weather application for the selected location changes with the current weather conditions!
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Weather forecast for two selected locations!

LabManager Application
This ASP.NET MVC5 application allows you to manage chemical reagents and equipment located at the school laboratory. As a chemistry teacher you can have insight into reagents and equipment list that is available at the school laboratory. You can also order reagents and equipment which are needed to your classes from lab assistant using special Order Form. As a User with the Administrator role you can add, edit and remove reagents, equipment, order and users’ accounts. You can test this app by logging into two different accounts:

Administrator: username: admin@test.com, password: Admin1234!

User: username: user@test.com, password: User1234!

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